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3rd International Workshop on Agile Methods for Information Systems Engineering (Agil-ISE'24)

Limassol, Cyprus on June 3rd, 2024

The practice of Information Systems Engineering (ISE) has evolved substantially because of adoption of agile methods. These agile methods for ISE focus on continuous and iterative improvement of usable/deployable releases, often driven by the actual user/customer experience with the information system. An iteration within this development process includes requirements analysis, system design, implementation, and testing; and user/customer acceptance, with the aim of continuous enhancement of the delivered features.

This workshop focuses on agile practices, such as behavior-driven development, test-driven development, rapid prototyping, agile product management, agile governance, agile process customization/tailoring, and artifacts, such as user stories, features, scenarios, product/sprint backlogs, Kanban boards, that are used in ISE. The theme we wish to discuss at the workshop is: How can artifacts and practices be improved or innovated to make them more effective in supporting the agility of ISE processes? We intend to discuss this question primarily, but not exclusively, from the perspective of novel digital technologies and data-driven approaches (e.g., LLM, AI, NLP, ML, etc.), focusing on the application of state of the art research approaches.